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Myriad - A coin for everyone.

Myriad (XMY) is a Multi-PoW consensus protocol secured by 5 mining algorithms. Each one suits different hardware.


A crypto currency for the most Noble.

Everything About Trading the Crypto Currency PiedPiperCoin

PiedPiperCoin strives to achieve the true dream of a cryptocurrency user: Sitting in a Palapa, reading the Satanic bible, they look up to take a glance at their beautiful Tesla Roadster, a SpaceX rocket can be seen approaching the Moon in the distance.

Setting up bitcoin-abe for defcoin

here's my notes on installing abe for blockchain explorer. YMMV ;)
14.04 ubuntu sudo apt-get install screen build-essential libssl-dev libboost1.55-all-dev libdb5.3-dev libdb5.3++-dev libminiupnpc-dev mysql-client mysql-server git clone https://github.com/tiabguls/defcoin.git cd defcoin/src make -f makefile.unix cp defcoind ~/ edit ~/.defcoin/defcoin.conf ==defcoin.conf== rpcuser=someuser rpcpassword=somepassword alertnotify=echo %s | mail -s "defcoin Alert" [email protected] txindex=1 ================ run screen start defcoind ~/defcoind -seednode=seed2.defcoin.org -reindex detach (ctrl-a-d) sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-crypto python-mysqldb git clone https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe.git (see https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe/blob/masteREADME-MYSQL.txt ) create mysql user & database cd bitcoin-abe find magic number https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=131781.0 main.cpp of defcoin unsigned char pchMessageStart[4] = { 0xfb, 0xc0, 0xb6, 0xdb }; // defcoin: increase each by adding 2 to bitcoin's value. find address version https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe/blob/mastedoc/FAQ.html edit abe.conf ==abe.conf== default-loader = blkfile dbtype MySQLdb connect-args {"user":"abe","db":"abe","passwd":"somepassword"} port 2750 host upgrade datadir += [{ "dirname": "/home/user1234/.defcoin", "code3": "DFC", "address_version": "\u001e", "magic": "xfbxc0xb6xdb", "chain": "Defcoin" }] =========== 
Load abe data
python -m Abe.abe --config=/path/to/abe.conf --commit-bytes 100000 --no-serve 
Rescan abe data (if needeD)
python -m Abe.abe --config=/path/to/abe.conf --rescan 
Run web server
python -m Abe.abe --config=/path/to/abe.conf 
should be up and listening on port 2750.
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I am a CTO of a "blockchain technology" startup, AMA

I've seen a lot of confusion regarding 'private blockchains' (aka permissioned ledgers, distributed ledger technology, ...) lately, and I think I'm in a good position to clarify what this technology is about, and what does it mean for Bitcoin.
First I'd like to introduce myself via facts of biography and projects I've been involved in:
Through the years I mostly worked with the Bitcoin blockchain, but I also researched private blockchains and talked with potential customers who might want to use a private blockchain or something like that.
So I'd like to address some common questions and misconceptions I've seen on /bitcoin.
Rhetoric question: Isn't a private blockchain just a database? Can't banks just use SQL as usual?
Answer: It certainly can be classified as a database, of a special kind. The Bitcoin blockchain is actually also a database of a special kind. They can certainly use SQL, but SQL, by itself, doesn't provide means of sharing a database between multiple parties in a secure way.
Use of SQL and use of blockchains isn't mutually exclusive. SQL is being used by a number of Bitcoin projects, for example: blockchain.info, Coinbase's Toshi, Abe block explorer, and Chromanode. There is at least one Bitcoin full node implementation which uses SQL: bits of proof supernode.
Question: Can't banks just use a distributed database or a shared ledger?
Answer: Modern distributed databases are designed with an assumption that all computers in a cluster are trusted. If an attacker can hijack a single computer of a cluster, he can compromise the whole clustedatabase.
Thus this software products aren't suitable for a case when a database needs to be shared between multiple parties which do not unconditionally trust each other. E.g. suppose banks A, B, C decided to share some database between themselves. If C's IT team fucks up, whole database might get corrupt.
Byzantine fault tolerance is an old concept, but it's rarely used in enterprise software. So there are no secure shared database products banks could use.
Bitcoin sparked new interest in secure distributed technology by demonstrating that it's actually possible & feasible. Now banks want it. Products which are inspired by Bitcoin and its block chain approach, and so they are often called "blockchains".
Misconception: A blockchain without proof-of-work makes no sense.
Answer: It was demonstrated that proof-of-stake can be quite good, both in theory and in practice. PoW and PoS have different security characteristics, which one is better is a matter of an opinion.
Other BFT consensus algorithms can be combined with a blockchain approach, e.g. Ripple/Stellar consensus, or PBFT-style three phase commit. They have well-understood security properties which differ from PoW and PoS.
In my opinion, if something has a chain of blocks, it can be called a blockchain. But if you want to understand a blockchain in a very narrow sense I don't mind, there are other terms like 'distributed ledger' which can be used instead.
Misconception: Banks use permissioned ledgers to implement "bankcoins", which are going to fail.
Answer: As someone who talked with many people from many banks, I can tell you they have very little interest for 'bankcoins', i.e. things which resemble Bitcoin. They might experiment with things like that just for shits and giggles, but there are no plans to launch it for real.
Banks plan to use permissioned ledger either to improve processes which are currently inefficient or non-secure; or to enable new business models.
Misconception: Banks should just use Bitcoin instead of this permissioned ledger mumbo-jumbo.
Answer: Bitcoin isn't suitable for things which permissioned ledgers aim to solve. It's, like, not related.
It would certainly be nice if banks provided Bitcoin services, but for them it's too much PITA with little to no benefits, as Bitcoin market is too small. Privatbank in Ukraine provides a Bitcoin payment service to merchant, kinda like Coinbase. So it's possible, just not common now.
So I think that Bitcoin can peacefully co-exist with private/permissioned blockchain/ledger technology: they aim to solve different problems, in different ways. There is some risk of a "bankcoin" competing with Bitcoin in future, but it's very small.
On contrary, I think adoption of crypto-based tech by banks is actually good for Bitcoin, as e.g. irreversible crypto money can be used for secure fiat <-> Bitcoin exchanges, which is good for Bitcoin, as it might reduce a hassle of buying Bitcoin, and thus increase userbase. Devices used to keep crypto bank money might also be used as secure Bitcoin wallets, etc.
I'll be happy to answer questions related to projects I've been involved in or blockchains in general.
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Shinzo Abe'nin istifasının ardından Liberal Demokrat Parti'ye liderlik etmek için seçilen Yoshihide Suga, Japonya'nın yeni Başbakanı olmaya hazırlanıyor. Suga, daha önce 2014 yılında Bitcoin hakkında değerlendirmelerde bulunmuştu.

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Trying to get ABE working with Dogecoin. [20,000 DOGE Bounty]

I have been trying to get dogecoin set up on ABE: https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe
Does anyone have any experience in setting this up? Here is the error that I am getting:
Skipped 96 bytes at block end block_tx 1180 1 Skipped 96 bytes at block end block_tx 1181 1 Skipped 95 bytes at block end Exception at 235523 Failed to catch up {'blkfile_number': 100000, 'dirname': u'/home/ubuntu/.dogecoin', 'chain_id': 8, 'id': 1, 'blkfile_offset': 208572} Traceback (most recent call last): File "/uslocal/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Abe/DataStore.py", line 2422, in catch_up store.catch_up_dir(dircfg) File "/uslocal/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Abe/DataStore.py", line 2475, in catch_up_dir store.import_blkdat(dircfg, ds, filename[0]) File "/uslocal/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Abe/DataStore.py", line 2596, in import_blkdat b = store.parse_block(ds, chain_id, magic, length) File "/uslocal/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Abe/DataStore.py", line 2630, in parse_block d['transactions'].append(deserialize.parse_Transaction(ds)) File "/uslocal/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Abe/deserialize.py", line 90, in parse_Transaction for i in xrange(n_vout): OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C long
I am willing to tip 20,000 Doge to whoever knows how I can get this working. I have not had any problems setting up ABE with any other coins.
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Litecoin - Abe

Hi there
Is there someone who successfully run litecoin on bitcoin abe / abe. I used this as my chain config.
CHAIN_CONFIG = [{"chain":"Litecoin", "code3":"LTC", "address_version":"0x30", "magic":"\xfb\xc0\xb6\xdb"}]
But im getting this error:
Opened /home/ubuntu/.litecoin/blocks/blk00046.dat
Exception at 3652130237
Failed to catch up {'blkfile_offset': 29167380, 'blkfile_number': 100046, 'chain_id': 1, 'loader': None, 'conf': u'/home/ubuntu/.litecoin/litecoin.conf', 'dirname': '/home/ubuntu/.litecoin', 'id': Decimal('439')}
Traceback (most recent call last):
>! File "Abe/DataStore.py", line 2530, in catch_up!<
>! File "Abe/DataStore.py", line 2828, in catch_up_dir!<
store.import_blkdat(dircfg, ds, blkfile['name'])
>! File "Abe/DataStore.py", line 2950, in import_blkdat!<
b = chain.ds_parse_block(ds)
>! File "Abe/Chain/__init__.py", line 82, in ds_parse_block!<
>! File "Abe/Chain/__init__.py", line 75, in ds_parse_transaction!<
return deserialize.parse_Transaction(ds)
>! File "Abe/deserialize.py", line 90, in parse_Transaction!<
>! File "Abe/deserialize.py", line 46, in parse_TxIn!<
d['sequence'] = vds.read_uint32()
>! File "Abe/BCDataStream.py", line 71, in read_uint32!<
def read_uint32 (self): return self._read_num('
>! File "Abe/BCDataStream.py", line 110, in _read_num!<
(i,) = struct.unpack_from(format, self.input, self.read_cursor)
error: unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 4 bytes
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Recent blockchain SQL dumps

Are there any recent blockchain SQL database dumps anywhere to be found? In the past http://dumps.webbtc.com/bitcoin/ has been a valid source, but it seems to be down for quite a while now. Using tools like Bitcoin-Abe to parse the blockchain and write it into a DB don't seem to be feasible anymore (seeing this issue here https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe/issues/207).
I'd like to have such a dump because I figured that analysis regarding user clustering, unspent outputs and balances are best done with a DB. Walking over the locally stored dat files seems to be unfeasible without absurdly powerful hardware.
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5 Fun things and useful services you can contribute to the network if you run your own full node!

Our active node count just above 500 nodes, which while the 4th most nodes for a crypto (behind bit, dash and lite) still seems pretty low given the size of our community. So I thought I'd make this little post to show some cool things to do with a node rather than just leave it sitting there running.
A note about security - you are broadcasting your IP to the entire cryptocurrency world when you run a node. It is essential that you run on an uncompromised computer kept free of malware, keyloggers and viruses. It is essential that you encrypt your wallet.dat with a very strong password (>16 chars, numbers and symbols). I would recommend not keeping too much in your wallet, keep most of it stored securely in an offline address.
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Looking For Someone To Help Build A Block Explorer

We are looking for someone to help us build a block explorer for our website. The open source explorer we are looking at is: https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe
If you are capable of guiding us through the install, please comment here or send me a PM.
Thank you.
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Bitcoin transaction history data sets

I'm working on a Machine Learning project of predicting Bitcoin Prices, taking inspiration from this MIT study: http://news.mit.edu/2014/mit-computer-scientists-can-predict-price-bitcoin.
I'm looking for publicly available data sets of transaction history in large quantity. The people in the above study "used data related to price and order book obtained from Okcoin.com. The order book data consists of 60 best prices at which one is willing to buy or sell at a given point of time. The data points were acquired at the interval of every two seconds for 6 months, for a total of 200 million data points".
I'm new to this area so on this site and others like blockchain.info, I've only been able to see the transactions, don't know how to download them. Something in .csv format would be ideal.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
P.S - I came across ABE (https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe) to parse the block files, but obviously need the block files (apparently in .dat format) first.
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Blockchain analysis basics

There are a few useful tools if you have an interest in digging through Bitcoin's blockchain.
For casual digging, there's:
For more serious analysis, you'll need a copy on your local system and a good amount of memory.
If you run the main bitcoin client, it will download a local copy (all 18GB currently).
There are a couple of tools that will work with these files:
Alternatively, you can grab a copy of a database dump:
For other formats like SQLite and MySQL, you can run Abe but you'll need to have a copy of the blockchain already downloaded for it to process.
Since the quickest way to get going locally is probably the postgres route, here's what I recently did:
Once that's all done, load up psql:
psql -U postgres blockchain 
I suggest adding a few extra indexes. I started off looking for patterns in transfer amounts, so I added an index on value to the txout table.
create index txout_value_index on txout(value) 
Browsing the blockchain, I'd noticed a few transactions for 0.031337 BTC in the chain going from one of the Mt Gox addresses, so I wanted to know how often this value was used.
select * from txout where value = 3133700; 
One of the patterns identified on another reddit thread mentioned transactions involving 4000BTC preceeded by 0.001 BTC moving in and then back. Here's how to find that pattern:
COPY (select * from txout as txo join addr_txout on txo.id = addr_txout.txout_id join addr on addr.id = addr_txout.addr_id where value = 400000000000) to '/tmp/fourk' with csv header; COPY (select * from txout as txo join addr_txout on txo.id = addr_txout.txout_id join addr on addr.id = addr_txout.addr_id where value = 400000000000) to '/tmp/change' with csv header; => 309 rows cat /tmp/fourk | cut -f 10 -d',' | sort | uniq | xargs -J % -n 1 grep % /tmp/change > fourandchange 
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Abe Cambridge - Rewarding Solar Panel Sustainability with Bitcoin

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Could someone help my get hold of an SQL dump of the blockchain?

I'm a programmer, and I want to do a bunch of analysis/visualisation on the evolution of the blockchain.
I've tried to get Abe and Blockparser compiled/installed/working, to no avail. I'm at a bit of a loss here, because all of these tools are outside my comfort zone (C#), so debugging is going to take ages.
Does anyone have the ability to share an up to date ish (ie this year) SQL dump of the blockchain with me? I run Bitcoin-Qt, so I have the 30GB blockchain knocking around on disk.
Thanks, and sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.
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05-05 22:05 - 'Way falls Polska the 400 did it nit nip on jap Abe so really I’m to believe a civil war journal token spends on a dime pennies from god' by /u/Artikiss1010 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 299-309min

Way falls Polska the 400 did it nit nip on jap Abe so really I’m to believe a civil war journal token spends on a dime pennies from god
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Author: Artikiss1010
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[PYTHON] Adding a API call to ABE block browser

I need a somewhat experienced Python dev who adds the Blockchain.info-'Multi Address' API call (http://blockchain.info/multiaddr?active=$address|$address (Multiple addresses divided by |)) to the existing open source block explorer (https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe).
Write me a message with your contacts and a little bit more about yourself for more details. PGP encryption prefered.
You can earn some extra money if you help me with the server administration, i.e. managing different blockchains inside virtual machines on cloud servers.
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Abe Cambridge - Rewarding Solar Panel Sustainability with Bitcoin

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Abe Cambridge - Rewarding Solar Panel Sustainability with Bitcoin

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[Hiring] Altcoin Developer

I need a developer to pull from github and develop a block-explorer website, bitcoind wallet, paper wallet generator and bitcoind android app.
Here are the github repos: https://github.com/bitcoin-abe/bitcoin-abe https://bitcoin.org/bin/0.8.6/bitcoin-0.8.6-linux.tar.gz https://github.com/cantonbeckebitcoinpaperwallet https://code.google.com/p/bitcoin-wallet/
Setup on Amazon EC2. Message me if you can do a part of it but not the other, we can work out rates for each part.
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Abe Cambridge - Rewarding Solar Panel Sustainability with Bitcoin

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FSLY Plummets...

For Trading October 15th
Added some QQQ putskis today.
Today’s market was interesting…not good or bad, just interesting. It always concerns me when the earnings news is good and the market falls. UNH, BAC, and GS all reported, and the numbers were good, and all fell well off the highs, with UNH the only one to close up, and only pennies at that. After the hotter than expected PPI numbers came out, the open was slightly higher, but it didn’t last long. After the DJIA hit the high for the day +120, it turned down and by 11:00 it was down for the day. The DJIA finished -165.81 (.58%), NASDAQ -95.17 (.80%), S&P 500 -23.26 (.66%), the Russell -15.20 (.93%) and the DJ Transports the big winner at +105.67 (.90%). Internals were soft at 1.5:1 on NYSE and 1.9:1 on the NAZ. The DJIA was 10 up, 20 down, with UNH the biggest decliner paring 64 DP’s off the average. Tomorrow we have UAL, WBA, MS, and TSM reporting as well as the continuing and initial claims, Phili Fed, Empire State and Export / Import numbers for Sept. Lots of stuff to digest.
Tonight’s closing comment video: https://youtu.be/Z-R_NRe9TLM
See our Honest Abe trade records for the year in our video/ discord etc...
SECTORS: There was good news for the banks, again, but by midday it just didn’t matter. Today’s losers were BAC, GS, and the biggest loser, UNH which was trading +2.50 premarket and never even made it to unchanged, finishing -9.57, which cost the DJIA 64DP’s. There was some good news for holders of Concho Resources. The talk is that they are a takeover candidate and after hitting $51.00 it closed on the lows, but still +4.79 (10.8%) on the day. FSLY holders weren’t quite so lucky. The stock which traded $10.63 in March has been a juggernaut, hitting $136.50 yesterday, reported after the close that their prior expectations of revenue “should not be relied upon.” It seems that geopolitical concerns had hampered their operation. The customer is the parent company of TIK TOK! While the numbers given (they report on 10/28) aren’t terrible, when your stock has risen the way this one has, it’s a problem. The last on it in late trading was $91.28 -37.55 (30%) after a low of $86.40. Even at this lower price, the stock is still up from the start of the year by 400%. Another favorite, DraftKings (DKNG) has not acted well since doing their offering last week priced about $4.00 under the market @ $52.00 and has not been able to climb back over that level. The stock closed $48.04 -3.14 today (6.14%). The continuing Covid-19 issues for major sports teams and cancelled and postponed may be weighing on the stock in the short term. After the close VRTX reported the end of their trial on a protein-deficiency treatment. The stock fell from its close of $371.46 -4.63 to trade $235.01 and closed $239 -37.09 (13.43%).
New Group: AIR & CRUISE LINES were HIGHER with +.64, HA +.03, ALK +.53, and XTN $61.57 +.52 (.85%).
FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN was LOWER with TSN +.26, BGS -.24, FLO -.11, CPB -.15, CAG -.38, MDLZ -.38, CALM -.15, JJSF -.43, SAFM +.03, HRL -.41, SJM -1.12, PPC +.89, KR -1.10, and PBJ $34.56 -.28 (.78%).
BIOPHARMA was LOWER with BIIB -3.46, ABBV -.40, REGN -3.02, ISRG -4.27, GILD +.01, MYL -.28, TEVA -.08, VRTX -37.10, BHC -.04, INCY -3.36, ICPT -.80, LABU -4.26, and IBB $141.60 -2.74 (1.9%). CANNABIS: was LOWER with TLRY -.03, CGC -.42, CRON -.10, GWPH +.68, ACB -.23, CURLF -.18, KERN -.17, and MJ $11.49 -.13 (1.12%).
DEFENSE was HIGHER with LMT +3.52, GD -.35, TXT unchanged, NOC +2.29, BWXT +.88, TDY +2.94, RTX +.47, and ITA $163.58 +.90 (.55%).
RETAIL: was MIXED with M -.02, JWN -.13, KSS +.04, DDS +.32, WMT -2.23, TGT -2.04, TJX +.03, RL +.72, UAA -.29, LULU -4.34, TPR +.08, CPRI +.01, and a new addition GPS +.27, and XRT $54.07 -.45 (.83%).
MEGA-CAPS & FAANG were HIGHER with GOOGL -4.56, AMZN -91.63, AAPL -.29, FB -4.74, NFLX -15.09, NVDA -7.93, TSLA +13.70, BABA +9.33, BIDU +8.65, CMG -3.84, CRM -6.85, BA +1.36, CAT +1.49, DIS -2.36, and XLK $122.02 -.65 (.53%). PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE PRICES ARE LATE MARKET QUOTES AND DO NOT REPRESENT THE 4:00 CLOSES.
FINANCIALS were LOWER with GS +.42, JPM -.44, BAC -1.20, MS +.64, C -.64, PNC -2.61, AIG -.07, TRV -.86, V -1.82, and XLF $24.78 -.24 (.96%).
OIL, $41.04 +.84, Oil was near recent highs and sold off hard Friday touching $37.61 (down about 6%) before mounting a rally back to close today just over $41, near recent highs. The stocks were MIXED with XLE $30.52 +.13 (.43%).
GOLD $1,907.30 +12.70, opened HIGHER and made a slightly higher high and a higher low, closing near the highs of the day. There were several “unusual options action” looking for another 10-12% on the upside before year end.
BITCOIN: closed $11410 -30. After breaking out over $10,000 we have had a “running correction” pushing prices toward $12,000, reaching a recovery high of $12220 Thursday, and after a day of rest in between, we resumed the rally touching $12,635, but have sold off back to support. We had 750 shares of GBTC and sold off 250 last week at $13.93 and still have 500 with a cost of $8.45. GBTC closed $12.20 -.18 today.
Tomorrow is another day.
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ABE Global Securities Blockchain Exchange Grabs $3 Million In Funding From Galaxy Digital And Company – Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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Running Bitcoin Abe

I just created a bitcoin node on a digital ocean server and would like to set up bitcoin abe. However upon running

python -m Abe.abe --config abe.conf 

I get the following error:
RPC failed: [Errno socket error] [Errno 111] Connection refused Failed to catch up {'blkfile_offset': 0, 'blkfile_number': 1, 'chain_id': 1, 'loader': u'rpc', 'conf': None, 'dirname': u'/scratch/bitcoin/mainnet/bitcoind', 'id': 17} Traceback (most recent call last): File "Abe/DataStore.py", line 2561, in catch_up raise Exception("RPC load failed") Exception: RPC load failed Abe initialized. Listening on http://localhost:2750 

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Is there an up to date version of bitcoin Abe?

I'm trying to do some research on bitcoin blockchain data, and would really like a SQL database with blocks and transactions. I've been running Abe for 5 days and it's still on block ~220k. Also I've read it's got issues with SegWit transactions. Is there an up to date code that can ingest stuff to a SQL database that I can query locally?
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YouTube ICH HABE FANTASTISCHE NEUIGKEITEN FÜR BITCOIN Bitcoin: Ich habe gekauft! Mein Kursziel! ICH HABE BITCOIN VERKAUFT!!!!!!!! WARUM???? Bitcoin: Ich habe (wieder) GEKAUFT! - YouTube

Bitcoin Cash 24h $ 269.20-0.766232-0.28%. Litecoin 24h $ 54.07-1.32%. Litecoin 24h $ 54.07-0.724369-1.32%. Cardano 24h $ 0.110539 +3.30%. Cardano 24h $ 0.110539 +0.003535 +3.30%. Bitcoin SV 24h ... Bitcoin-Abe Repositories Packages People Projects Dismiss Grow your team on GitHub. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together. Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects. Sign up . Type: All Select type. All Sources Forks ... Abe works with files created by the original (Satoshi) Bitcoin client. You will need a copy of the block files (blk0001.dat, blk0002.dat, etc. in your Bitcoin directory or its blocks/ subdirectory). You may let Abe read the block files while Bitcoin runs, assuming Bitcoin only appends to the file. Prior to Bitcoin v0.8, this assumption seemed safe. Abe may need some fixes to avoid skipping ... After getting abe set up and running, I tried querying it, eg: ...:2750/chain/Bitcoin .. but looking at the abe output, I notice every page load - abe was opening the blk00000.dat file rather than ... transactions blockchain bitcoind abe. asked Oct 10 '13 at 3:52. ManreeRist. 492 1 6 12. 0. votes. 1answer 269 views Abe first time execution. I'm running Abe to generate a Blockchain clone. It's ... By default, Abe expects to be run in a FastCGI environment. For an overview of FastCGI setup, see README-FASTCGI.txt. To run the built-in HTTP server instead of FastCGI, specify a TCP port and network interface in abe.conf, e.g.: port 2750 host # or a domain name

[index] [39712] [27285] [37685] [29652] [23088] [43828] [48121] [42086] [46798] [22670]


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